Christian Education is a collection of ministries of which its primary focus deals with the teachings of the gospel to the parishioners. Listed below are each of those ministries and their specific tasks.


WOW – Worship on Wednesday – 2 Timothy 3:14-15

Weekly teaching and instruction to help believers gain more Biblical insight while offering them practical life application points that can be utilized in the daily Christian walk.

There are also specific Wednesday’s dedicated to questions which congregants may have that will be addressed by our Pastors.



Traveling Sunday School-Roman 12:2

Goal: To share to love of Jesus Christ to others through being relational, showing the kindness of giving and sharing the word of love which is Jesus Christ outside of the church walls

April through September – specified Sundays in the parks around the community (bringing gift bags, coloring pages, Sunday school lessons)

During winter focused prayer for schools in our community after church service.



Sunday School

Sunday morning teaching and discussion on the scripture in an effort toward deeper reflection on and understanding of the Word of God




Small Groups Ministry – Acts 2:42

Mission: To develop small study groups committed to the study of God’s Word and dedicated to furthering the universal Christian Kingdom of God. To support and encourage our membership by the establishment of learning, studying the Word of God.

Purpose: To grow the universal Kingdsmall_group_minom of God by utilizing fellowship as a means of growing and strengthening our Christian faith in order to reach out and minister to others.





Prayer Breakfast

Purpose:  To set aside a special time in which we focus together with the larger body of congregants and friends to seek the face of God as His Spirit guides us in prayer.

This is an annual Prayer Breakfast and a time in which we come together in fellowship and prayer with one another. We engage in worship and exhortation as we offer up prayers for those in need, those in the community we serve, those who do not know Christ and for one another.